The Jodi of Abhi and Pragya on the most popular show which runs on Zee TV, has stirred a lot of heart strings of the audience. Their on-screen chemistry has been extraordinary.

The way the romance between these two has grown in the serial is natural and all the little things Pragya does for Abhi are really giving us butterflies. Abhi does a wonderful role as he is caring, loving and understands Pragya so well, though there are some misunderstandings between them sometimes. Well, which relationship doesn’t go through some downfall?

The passion and enthusiasm created by the lead actors and actresses have made this show a huge hit and people are waiting for more. The depiction of true love, with twists and turns, has hooked us to the amazing pair.

We truly ship them. The acting that is so natural shows that they are great actors and the audience feels the show is a part of their life and not just a TV show.

Check out the amazing chemistry our favourite Jodi, Abhi and Pragya, share on the screen. Mama Mia. They are the cutest.