We often come across stars who leave an imprint in our hearts even after they are gone. This is mainly due to the love they have gained from fans over the years through their acts. One such actor we all know from the telly world is Kushal Punjabi and we are here to tell you more about him.

Kushal Punjabi ends his life

Kushal Punjabi was one of the finest actors the telly world had seen for quite some time. The actor was loved ever since he first appeared on screen and he gradually developed a fan base of millions all over the country. He was loved mainly due to his amazing acting skills and strong dialogue delivery and is known for contributing marvelously to the telly world with his gifted talent of acting.

The actor recently committed suicide on 26th December 2019. He has surely taken our hearts along with all the love he gained through his work. He was seen in famous telly shows like Shh….Phir Koi Hai, Santaan and also Kasamh Se. However apart from his work the actor also was known for his amazing features like his precious billion dollar smile, sharp facial structure and also his upper fit body. Kushal was always known for being the fittest and also prove it by winning the show Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout in the year 2011. We remember him and bring you his fitness looks.

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