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Revisiting iconic Mohit Raina moments from Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Revisiting Mohit Raina’s iconic moments as Mahadev!

Seldom does an actor have such a far-reaching impact on a character, and even the genre itself, as Mohit Raina had when he became Lord Shiva for the hit TV show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Truth be told, Mohit Raina absolutely revolutionised the mythological genre and the portrayal of a mythological character with his fabulous turn as the all-powerful Mahadev.

The mythological space was considered decidedly downmarket and has-been, before Mohit Raina strode into the realm like a colossus and made it his own.

Sensing the opportunity to ingratiate himself into audience hearts, big ticket shows and record books, Mohit Raina pulled out all stops to transform into a stunningly breath-taking Mahadev.

He worked tirelessly on his body until a superbly sculpted and terrifically toned masterpiece of human endeavour emerged. His gorgeous abs put women, and even men for that matter, into a drooling swoon. He worked on his body language until he literally embodied the Lord. He even learnt Kathak so that he could recreate the Tandav with consummate perfection. His efforts bore fruit, earning him adulation, accolades and awards for his Mahadev characterisation. The Times of India even went ahead to say that “the role created fans due to his fab abs, groovy smile and acting chops”.

In the process, Mohit Raina lent prestige and value to acting in mythological shows.

Here are several iconic Mohit Raina moments from Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Have a look and enjoy!

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