Splitsvilla, an Indian dating reality television show, has come back with its season 12. The exciting and entertaining new season of the dating show is being hosted by the dynamic duo, comprising of the hunk Rannvijay Singh and the ravishing Sunny Leone.

Splitsvilla Season 12 will see fifteen boys and ten girls as contestants, who will compete against each other to be crowned as the winners of the show. The concept of the show is to have the participants live in a villa, totally cut off from the outside world, in an attempt to find true love.

The show is about finding true love, but we all know that it isn’t easy as you have to prove to your partner you love them and for that, you have to perform various daring and breathtaking tasks. The show consists of drama, romance, suspense, lying, playing mind games and many things we can’t imagine.

The coming episodes will see Rannvijay and Sunny Leone challenging the chosen ones – Alfez & Aradhana, Miesha & Ashish. Miesha & Ashish, to prove their compatibility, yet again, in the villa by winning the ‘Love dangle’ task against Alfez & Aradhana. Don’t miss out on the conspiracies and game plans by the contestants to vote their fellow mates out in the dome session.

With all the fuss around, we are almost at the end to announce the winners.

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