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MTV’s Love On The Run: Abortion – a perennial taboo?

MTV’s latest fiction edition, Love On The Run has created waves on the small screen by showcasing the issues that we know exists even today but we refuse to acknowledge or talk about it. Presenting yet another love story inspired by real life, this week, Love On The Run will deal with a sensitive issue – abortion done out of wedlock. The upcoming episode of the show will see the love story of two significant characters – a medical student Avni (played by Shernavaz Jijina) and DJ Sid (played by Avinash Mishra)

Commenting on being a part of Love On the Run, Avinash Mishra said, “Honestly, I am proud to be a part of  Love On The Run team because we are finally at a stage showcasing progressive content and exploring real life scenarios that one goes through. So far, I’ve portrayed a negative character however viewers will get to see a different side as I get into the skin of DJ Sid. I am hoping they tune in and not miss this one!”

Shernavaz Jijina added, “It’s a complete pleasure to be a part of MTV. I’ve grown up watching and have seen how amazingly it has evolved. It connects with the youth so well and one can completely relate to the kind of topics  Love On The Run brings to the forefront through each episode.”

As every love story has a villain, Avni and Sid’s love story also has one. Sid’s mother Dr. Kavitha who is also Avni’s professor, mentor and counsellor, knows her dark secret that Avni had been through an abortion in her past relationship. Dr. Kavitha who was once all accepting of what Avni does and stands for, suddenly turns around and refuses to accept her as a part of her son’s life.

Being a typical protective mother, she tries all ways to keep her son away from Avni. She not only throws her out of the hospital but also puts her behind the bars.

Will Sid be successful proving Avni’s innocence?

Find out and catch the third episode of Love On The Run this Saturday, 8pm only on MTV.

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