Kritika Kamra’s music video out

I am eager to see how people react to this avatar of mine: Kritika Kamra on her music video

The very good looking actress Kritika Kamra who is lately winning heart as Princess Chandrakanta in Life OK’s Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta, has now ventured into music video.

Kritika Kamra shares, “It was a treat to work with Gajendra Verma and his team. He’s a passionate young artist. I have enjoyed his previous songs and had a lot of fun being a part of this one. We shot this video in Thailand in this beautiful church. When he approached me for this song, he said he wanted a good actor because the part required a measured performance. I heard the song and the concept and agreed instantly. Our director Vikram Singh has shot the song beautifully. It’s a short love story. T-series has brought back the trend of singles and independent music. We are thrilled to be on such a platform. I’m eager to see how people react to this avatar of mine. Hope they love it as much as I loved playing the part.”

A source close to the set says, Kritika and her co-stars of Chandrakanta have been humming to the tunes of music video during their break. The song is out on T- series.

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