Ali Asgar and Monalisa who are presently seen in their brand new comedy show on Dangal, Favvara Chowk, are always in a mood to tickle the funny bones of their fans. Always in their characters, Monalisa and Ali are enjoyable to the core. If you are watching the Dangal show, you would know how funny they are in their characters.

Well, today’s video has them making a reel on ‘Aap Mar Kyun Nahi Jaate’. wherein Ali talks about the permutation and combination of their love story and how it will eventually end.

The manner in which the love story is depicted by Ali and how he ends it by saying, ‘Aap Mar Kyun Nahi Jaate’ is funny for sure!! Monalisa’s expressions are noteworthy throughout the video. The two of them make for an amazing combination, especially when it comes to their comic timing.

If you want to check the video here, be ready to laugh it out and enjoy.

View Instagram Post 1: Ali Asgar And Monalisa's 'Aap Mar Kyun Nahi Jate' Reel Leaves Us In Splits

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Are you still laughing? Truly, a funny reel to make.