Amit Dolawat retains his surname; leaves his mark in Star Plus’ Khichdi 2

Amit Dolawat surprisingly will play a character with his real-life surname in the Star Plus show.

Amit Dolawat retains his surname; leaves his mark in Star Plus’ Khichdi 2

Talented actor Amit Dolawat seems to be the ‘favorite actor’ on the sets of Star Plus’ Khichdi produced by Hats Off Productions.

After appearing in the role of a smart looking bank manager in the initial episodes of Khichdi 2, Amit will be seen yet again on the show.

This time around, he will be part of an interesting cooking contest wherein the popular Hansaa (Supriya Pathak) will participate. Amit will portray the role of the main chef and the host of the competition.

Says Amit to, “My first stint in Khichdi was hilarious and the episode rated well. Within a span of two months, I have been called again for a role. This episode was also a laugh riot and I am sure it will turn out to be one of the best episodes of Khichdi Season 2.”

The best part about this role and appearance is that Amit has gone on to retain his surname Dolawat in the episode.

Amit adds, “It came as a surprise to me when Writer and Producer Aatish Kapadia told me that he is going to make me and my name famous (smiles). I was happy to see my surname DOLAWAT being retained in the script. It was interesting to see people calling me by my script name (smiles).”

Amit will also be seen in the upcoming big launch on Colors, Dev 2 wherein he plays the inspector on duty.

Wish you all the best, Amit!!

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