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Being a roadie is not a cakewalk. Most of them try for years just to clear the auditions but yet fail. Those who successfully enter the competition need to have good physical and mental strengths. The winner of the show gets a cash prize and a car. Not only that the winner is something recommend in a Bollywood movie. How do you think we got the versatile actor Auyshumann Khurrana in action.

The best and the most entertaining tasks of MTV Roadies Real Heroes

As mentioned in the description the task isn’t easy and requires a lot of physical strength. Speaking about which here are some of the most difficult tasks the roadies had to do The task was to be performed by the entire gang where a see-saw contraption was made on which one gang member stood elevated with bow & arrows, on the other end one gang member balanced the shooter and fetched him the arrows. The other two gang members pulled up a duster on an inclined slope which opened the castle door for the shooter to aim.

The window of the castle had ropes tied from two ends which were attached to the rear end of the Duster. After the door was opened, the shooter had sight of water-bag he had to take aim and hit the water-bag post which the water fell into the bucket and the flag was hoisted. The gang which won this challenge were the rulers of the city. Phew! Doesn’t that sound like one hell of a task! The name of this task was to conquer the quilla. The next on the list is ball ball beach. Ball Ball Bache involved the googlies selected by the very own, googly master performing the task. The task involved googlies to shoot cannonballs on the opponents standing on a plank. The last 2 men standing on plank won the game along with immunity.

The next is shooting out at dholpur. Shootout at Dholpur was a rather difficult task where one of the contestants was tied and dragged by the car while the other person from the same gang was driving the Duster. Along this path, there were a lot of dummies on the way of the gangs. The aim was for the roadie to gain maximum points while they shot the dummy targets as they were dragged by the Duster. Scary much? Isn’t it. As much as the contestants enjoy performing the task it is enjoyed by the audience too. There are many arguments among the contestants at the time but that is also one of the main factors which increase the TRP of the show.

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