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MTV Roadies is not just a show, it is a lifeline for the youth of India and we totally get why this generation loves a reality show like Roadies.

The best moments of MTV Roadies

One of the most loved reality shows of all times is none than the youth show MTV Roadies, which has successfully been running since 2003! MTV Roadies is a mix of travel, adventure and drama, with a touch of voyeurism, and we think it deserves every bit of its success!

Some of the best moments of the show were always the various tasks contestants performed and how they teamed up brushing their differences aside was worth watching. Every vote-out, eliminations and game-changing twists and turns have been gripping since the first few seasons of Roadies, and they have only gotten better and more exciting with time.

The latest season this show is airing is MTV Roadies Real Heroes, and they have gotten a few real life heroes in to the show as contestants!

The best moments of MTV Roadies 2

One of the dearest and most lovable sightings on Roadies is the vivacious and ruggedly handsome host Rannvijay and we know we speak for all the girls when we say, Rannvijay is the number 1 reason for watching and staying hooked to Roadies, season after season!

Rannvijay has already been associated with MTV’s Roadies for over 15 seasons now and his journey has been etched in every single Indian’s memory. Rannvijay has gone from being a contestant to winning the show with all glory and power and then from hosting the same very show to being a judge, then a gang leader and now, the latest and most ultimate position- Ringmaster of Roadies Real Heroes!

Ringmaster Rannvijay’s Roadies journey is an inspiration to the youth all over the nation and if you are next to a true Roadies fan you will instantly know it, because the mere mention of Rannvijay’s name is going to make them jump up on their feet in excitement.

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