Bhumika Gurung who essays the role of Nimki in the Star Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya talks about the biggest challenge of playing the character.

The biggest challenge in playing Nimki is that she cannot cry: Bhumika Gurung

Bhumika Gurung who portrays the role of Nimki in the popular Star Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya (Qizzago Telefilms) has had an amazing journey being part of the show.

Says Bhumika, “This is a one-of-a kind role. You don’t get too many variations in any role. Nimki is emotional, cute, bubbly at the same time she has her own hidden secrets and is a strong character. You can even say that she is a split personality in a positive way.”

However, for Bhumika, the most difficult emotion to portray is when Nimki does not cry. “Usually in a scene, everyone used to cry except for me. This is because Nimki does not cry. So I had to hold my tears back or even turn around and wipe my tears off. Nimki can’t even drop a single tear, and this has been a huge challenge for me as an actor.”

Way to go, Bhumika!!

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