Bitti to step into the ‘male-dominated’ profession in &TV’s Bitti Businesswali

By opening a pan shop, Bitti will dare to take up a profession which is supposed to be quite unsafe for girls.

Bitti to step into the ‘male-dominated’ profession in &TV’s Bitti Businesswali

&TV’s show Bitti Businesswali (Raakesh Paswan) will reach its first big phase in storyline on 3 July wherein the protagonist Bitti will open a ‘pan shop’.

As we know, the show deals with the financial independence of a girl and her willingness to stand on her own foot to care for the needs of her family.

The best part about the whole concept is that with this, Bitti (Prakruti Mishra) will step into a male-dominated world!!

Says Producer and Writer Raakesh Paswan, “The profession of having a pan shop is solely dominated mostly by men. Also, the pan selling area is usually supposed to be a place where the street-smart, manipulative boys are seen. In fact, in small towns, girls are not even supposed to be standing near such a pan area, as it is said that it is not a safe place for girls. Now, Bitti has decided to open a pan shop and get into such a line which will be a challenge for her.”

Here Paswan justifies that Bitti has been forced to get into this line owing to the financial needs of her family. “The circumstances are such that she is forced to open a pan shop. She tried to go for a job, tried to open a shop too. She is under pressure to clear the debts her family is into. So her idea is to start a business which has very minimal investment, an item which will sell everyday. This will be when the idea of a pan shop will come to her mind.”

Are you all excited to watch Bitti having a grand opening of her shop?

Watch this space for more updates.

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