Drama galore in &TV show

Bitti to learn about Mahi’s ill health in &TV’s Bitti Business Wali

&TV’s Bitti Business Wali (Raakesh Paswan) is serving lot of drama to its audience.

We earlier reported about Mahi’s (Abhishek Bajaj) health deteriorating.

Now, loyal viewers will see high voltage drama which will keep them glued to their TV screen.

As per a reliable source, “Luv will sneak up outside Bitti’s (Prakruti Mishra) room watching her change her clothes. When Bitti will see him, she will fume and start hitting him. Soon, Mahi will intervene and he would purposely take his brother Luv’s side. Bitti will be left in angst and would decide to go back to her home.”

Later, Bitti will find Mahi’s reports and would take it to the doctor. The doctor will inform her about Mahi’s ill health. She will also inform her that he has just six months to live. Bitti will be shocked and shattered after learning the news.


We buzzed Prakruti but she was busy shooting.

Watch this space for more updates.

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