Interesting drama in &TV show

Bitti to be troubled by a snake in &TV’s Bitti Businesswali

Loyal viewers of &TV’s show Bitti Businesswali (Raakesh Paswan) have been witnessing thrilling drama which has kept them glued to their TV screens.

We earlier reported about Bitti (Prakruti Mishra) learning about Mahi’s (Abhishek Bajaj) ill health. Now, she will go an extra mile to save him.

Shares a source, “Bitti will go along with Mahi’s family to Shivji’s temple. She will visit the temple bare foot along with kawariyas. While climbing the stairs, they will stop for a while to rest. Soon, they would witness a snake slithering in front of Bitti. She will get frightened at first sight but later will relax and begin to chant the maha mantra jap.”

Later, the snake will slowly move away and go towards Kashi. He will get scared and begin to throw stones at the snake.

Will Bitti manage to save Kashi from the snake?

We buzzed Prakruti but she was busy shooting.

Watch this space for more updates.

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