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The onscreen pairs of Divya Drishti series Drishti and Rakshit and Divya and Shikhar are playing a fabulous job on-screen. Both the pairs are looking sizzling; their chemistry is quite good and adorable.

Divya-Shikhar vs Drishti-Rakshit: who’s got the best on-screen chemistry

Out of the two pairs, Rakshit and Drishti make a super pair and the ardent fans of this supernatural show certainly love them for their simplicity and elegance.

Rakshit aka Adhvik Mahajan and Drishti aka Sana Sayyed together have been able to win the heart of million viewers through their impeccable acting skills. The gripping storyline and the chemistry between the pair keep the audiences hooked to watch the show until the end.
The makers of the show, in order to raise the TRP, are adding steamy tracks among the couple. Very well- scripted intimate scenes have been added to the storyline so that it could make viewers eager to watch the episodes. The promos of these scenes were released on YouTube and other social media.

The sensuous romance between the couple has successfully kept the audiences asking for more.
The couple seems to be comfortable with every scene that is being picturized on them as they admitted the work was quite mechanical. Being good very good friends off the screen too, Adhvik and Sana are quite comfortable shooting with each other for all and any types of scenes.
Some loyal fan of the serial has given this special couple the name of ‘Drikshit’ to express their love.

Be it sensuous bathroom kisses and shirtless romance of Rakshit with Drishti, the serial has proved to be quite immersive for viewers.

The power couple of the serial can be seen standing for each other at every difficult situation, caring for each other and the family.

Even the couple, Divya aka Nyra Banerjee and Shikhar aka Karan Khanna are winning appreciation from their fans and viewers are admiring them for their sparkling chemistry on the screen.

Both of these pairs share off-screen best buddy status too. It was the dance that brought Divya and Shikhar closer to end up as good friends. In the forthcoming episodes, this couple would be seen giving a dance sequence in the show in which they will showcase their dancing skills on the grooving song ‘Sun Sathiya’ from the movie ABCD 2.

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