Divyanka Tripathi celebrates her 11 million followers on Instagram

Divyanka Tripathi completes 11 million followers on Instagram

Divyanka Tripathi is the lead actress in the show, ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’, and this show has really made her popular and increased her fan following. She is the most desired television actress in India. With her marvelous role as Ishita in Ye hai Mohabbatein and her ethnic attire, she instantly grabbed the attention of the viewers.

Her fashion sense has always managed to turn heads and her style statement leaves us awestruck every time. Divyanka Tripathi is no doubt very gorgeous but her fashionable outfits make her look simply breath-taking. She is the ultimate telly town hottie in the true sense and we think some of her stylebook looks and fashion statements are a testimony to the same.

Divyanka is becoming the new style icon with her amazing fashion sense and her bold looks. Her trendy styles are what you’ll want to wear the next time you go out.

She is also very well-known for her selfies, which have indeed impressed her fans and her Instagram audience. You can call her the selfie queen.

She has glorious beauty and looks, which further attracts her audiences to her. Divyanka Tripathi is connected to her fans through Instagram.

Today, she completed 11 million followers on Instagram which is indeed a great achievement for her.

Congratulations Divyanka Tripathi, on reaching this milestone!

Divyanka Tripathi completes 11 million followers on Instagram 1

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