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MTV reality shows have been immensely popular and followed by millions of youth. This channel is famous for it’s out of the league concept based reality shows such as Splitsvilla and Roadies.

The most entertaining and best moments on Splitsvilla throughout the seasons

MTV Splitsvilla at the beginning was hosted by Nikhil Chinapa but has now Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone as its hosts. The show has been running for five years.

The series till now has completed 11 seasons and XII one has started since 16th August 2019. It is a show that revolves around young boys and girl who are constantly trying to secure a place in the Splits villa by forming relationships with the co-contestants. This is the villa in which contestants are kept detached to the real world.

Here, the contestants hunt for love, forming couples in which both the boys and the girls participate together. They compete in various tasks so that they can remain in the competition. Also, they have to mingle with their fellow contestants to find out their true love. A couple of a boy and a girl who pairs by the end of season get crowned as the winners of Splitsvilla.

Although all the previous seasons have been quite engaging for youth, the season 12 has promised to be unique with the different theme “Your Best Shot at Love”.

According to the hosts of the show, this popular reality show has always given the difficult tasks to the couples to perform so that they can test their physical as well as mental strength. The show has been marked by various hot and interesting scenes rendered by its contestants, be it rain dance party or swimming pool shoots or smooching (kissing scenes). Uncut scenes of the show have been aired alongside each season on Voot.

The sensual dance moves, romantic dance party, new connections, breakup, backbiting, entertainment, and swag have been the flavour of every season since the beginning of the show.

The show roped in wrestling tasks to check the physical strength of both gender contestants.

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