Splitsvilla season 12 has Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone as the host in this reality show on MTV. The theme of this season is- Your Best Shot at Love.

Most Fun & Entertaining moments of Spitsvilla hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh

The boys in the show are facing some tough competition as the number of girls in the villa are considerably less. To find out the ideal match there is a lot of drama, backbiting, breakup, and makeup coupled with jealousy inside the villa.

All the participants are struggling to find love for themselves and create a bond. Both the hosts are having entertaining time on the show, organizing various competitions and contests for the participants. This season has been bigger and better than the previous seasons.

The controversies in the show are exciting and spicy. Rannvijay told that there has been a connection of show with the online dating app as the show is trying to be concurrent with the trend.

In the interesting task named as The Test Your Bond task – Love Helpline, the host challenged the contestants. They made the couples arrange number at different levels and at the last stage whosoever dial the correct number to the host wins the task. Four couples were participating and competing against each other.

The task started with boys solving a puzzle of making a girl’s face which was then followed by the banana eating contest. The girls were supposed to finish eating bananas. Thereafter girls need to dip themselves in the paint and roll on the mat which will reveal their last number.

In the task, when the hosts ask the contestant for the first time to choose their connection and stand in front of Oracle to test their ideal match, an ugly spat started between the contestant pairs which were worth watching.

This season has been filled with hottest hookups, shocking controversies, dramatic breakup, and intense fights. During the Bae-watch session- ‘who’s got them’ Sunny call the boys to give them tips about impressing girls and how to win their hearts. She also gave them the task. During the task, Priyamvada falls for Uday’s moves which make Hridaya jealous. The boys showcase their skills to impress and propose the girls liked.

All this together kept Ranvijay and Sunny fully entertained and engaged in the show.

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