Gashmeer Mahajani the lead of Star Plus’ Imlie has taken up a serious resolution and expects to give himself a solution for it in the next month.

Today marks a special day for the show Imlie as it completes 200 episodes. Gashmeer who is happy about his show hitting this milestone, took to Instagram to make a big announcement.

Gashmeer put up a bare-chested picture of himself and has started the countdown for his mission ahead!!

Lack of exercise owing to his neck and back injury has kept him away from going through a rigorous exercise schedule. Gashmeer gives himself a time frame of one month to get back into great shape.

He has vowed to his fans that he will put up a picture of himself after one month, wherein the difference will be seen!!


Check his post here.

View Instagram Post 1: Imlie lead Gashmeer Mahajani makes a big resolution, deets inside

Amazing determination, this!!

Gashmeer, we wish you great luck in fulfilling your mission!!