MTV Splitsvilla season 12 has hit the television screens on 16th August. this has been one of the most popular reality show on the Indian television network and fans have been eagerly waiting for this show.

Let the romance game begin with the new season of MTV Splitsvilla

The season 12 of the show is having a unique theme and concept based on American dating television reality show flavours of love.

As per the expectations, the show added X factor to itself by having hot-headed Rannvijay Singh and Stunning Sunny Leone as it’s a host.

Having 15 boys and 6 girls in the show who have come to find out true love the theme of the season is your best shot at love.

Girl contestants are Aahna Sharma (19) , Priyamvada Kant (20) , Bhavya Sharma (20) , Aradhana Sharma (20) , Hridya Prajapati (20) , Soundarya Thakur (21) , Alice Gari (22), Jinal Sharma (23) , Arshiya (23) , Meisha Iyer (25).

Male contestants are Shivam Bihari (19), Pranav Bhardwaj (20), Uday Sachdeva (20), Anshit Khandelwal (20), Pulkit Kapoor (21), PratyakshRajbhatt (22), Rahul Gujral (22), Abhinay (Loka) (23), Ankush Kalyan (23), SambhavBaid (23), Ashish Bhatia (23), Shrey Mittal (24), Alfez Khaishagi (24), Aman Dheer (24), Piyush Sharma (27)

This matchmaking reality show of the year is filled with new connections, shocking breakup and an intriguing dose of drama and entertainment.

This season has been shot in Jaipur again which is as hot as the contestant itself. The royal doors of the villa are ready to entertain the viewers with the host and the contestant.

There is a whole lot of romance, wicked love and saucy extravaganza in the show. The show for its sensual dance moves, romantic dance party and the sprinkle of backbiting, swag and entertainment in the show.

The boys are facing tough competition in the show as the number of girls is considerably fewer.
Also, the girls are having the power to choose the desired guy with whom they are willing to continue their journey in the show. That is why, since the starting date Pranav Bhardwaj, Pratyaksh Rajbhatt, Pulkit Kapoor, Aman Dheer and Rahul Gujral have been eliminated from the show as these were dumped by the girls.

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