There is no secret that Paras and Mahira are one of the most admired actors on Indian television today. But their chemistry on screen is large because of their terrific bond off screen.

Today they celebrate their frienanniversary. It was today last year that they met in Bigg Boss and grew fond of each other eventually.

“Paras is the best thing that happened to me in Bigg Boss. We fought for each other, stood by each other and supported each other through out Bigg Boss. Most of the relationships end post the show, I am glad ours didn’t. One year and many more to come” says Mahira.

“Mahira is one of the most genuine person I have ever met. Bigg boss would have been impossible without her support. People usually compliment our chemistry on screen, it is only because we are best friends first then co workers. It is indeed a special day for me. Calls for a celebration. I met one of the best friends of my life and looking forward for our friendship to grow every year” says Paras.

Looks like this yaariyan is here to stay and who doesn’t want to work with their best friend and create memories each day. Such is the relationship between this cutest pair.