Randeep Rai bears the brunt of mercurial Mumbai rains, misses flight

Randeep Rai, flight and Mumbai rains 1

The Mumbai rains are still going strong when, for all practical purposes, they should have been on their way out. And so it’s been raining and raining for the past few days, throwing life and road traffic out of gear in Maximum City.

And guess who had to bear the brunt of the mercurial Mumbai rains this morning? None other than everyone’s favourite chocolate boy hero of the small screen — the oh-so-cute, Randeep Rai!

Apparently, Randeep had to catch a flight this morning as he had some out-of-town work to attend to. But the incessant rains and the resultant traffic congestion found him stuck on the road on his way to the airport. And the poor guy missed his flight!

Randeep shared his plight with his fans and followers on social media by posting a pic on his Instagram, which he accompanied with an angry face emoji.

Have a look at Randeep’s Instagram post here –

Randeep Rai, flight and Mumbai rains

Awww, Randeep, we feel you. The rains have truly broken all records this year. Dear monsoons, we love you, yes, we really do. But the lakes are full and all’s right with  Mumbai city, so how about bidding your goodbyes to us now? And yes, we hope Randeep managed to catch another flight to wherever he was off to!

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