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Gear up for a power-packed episode in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Frustrated Neha Dhupia throws a cricket bat, Rannvijay comes to rescue

Adventure, entertainment, intense emotions and conflicts, team bonding – the thrilling journey of Roadies Revolution saw it all, until the pandemic brought the world to a standstill. However, post months of hiatus, the contestants and the celebrity leaders were back with the same spirit and zest to continue the game. In the history of Roadies, this is the first time that the contestants got a chance to watch their journey up to a point, analyse it, and come back with a bang! The upcoming episodes are shot in a bio-bubble in Mumbai with utmost precautions and of course double the fun. To top it all, this episode will not give you a single moment to take your eyes off the screens! Here are some edgy and interesting incidents to look forward to, this Saturday:

Shreya Kalra joining the wolf pack

Everyone witnessed the charm and the courage contestant Shreya Kalra carried in the first ever LIVE auditions held for Roadies. On her entry, Tarandeep and Shreya will be seen locking horns with each other and indulging in fun banter. After conquering the LIVE auditions, will she be able to settle in the already built groups and maintain her position? Which leader will try to include her in their gang? Will she perform or fall flat? Tune-in to this week’s episode to know more.

Double the fun with RPL!

This week’s task is called Roadies Premiere League – a three-phase task, based on Cricket, but in a quintessential Roadies way. There will be four teams lead by the Gang Leaders. The first phase is Batting, where one contestant or leader from each team will have to break pots with scoop shots, hanging on ziplined contestants. The second stage is Fielding which involves one contestant to race through a track doing frog jumps. And the final stage is Bowling, where one contestant will have to throw the ball on stumps while being tied to a bungee cord.

Neha faces another rejection!

For the task, all the leaders had to choose their team mates and while selecting them, Neha asked Arushi and Poonam to join her team. Knowing the rivalry between Neha’s captain Pratibha and Arushi, she ditched Neha’s team and hopped in Varun’s team. On the other side Poonam promised to give her 200% in the task, yet she wasn’t anyone’s first preference and when Neha asked her to join, Aakash pitched her to join Prince’s team and this is how Neha loses out of Poonam as well. Will Neha be able to form a power packed team or this task will be a big miss for her? Catch this week’s episode to know it all.

Neha raging and throwing her bat, Rannvijay to the rescue

In this week’s task, RPL, Neha chooses to bat and at one moment she fills with utmost rage and throws her bat in the air taking out her frustration. The most charming Rannijay will be seen pacifying the situation and get the task on track. But what lead to this action? Will Neha’s team suffer any consequences or get back rolling in the game. Only time will tell.

Aim for the Star but wonder where you are?

Celebrity leaders, Varun, Prince and Nikhil stand at 2 stars each and Neha is lagging with 1 star, but with the task, RPL, leaders have an opportunity of winning a star. As we know that stars in the journey will have its own perks, all the four teams will put their blood and sweat to win that star for their leaders. But who will succeed? Will Neha get to even up with the others or one leader amongst Varun, Prince and Nikhil will take a lead?

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