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Contestants get head-on for ‘Basket Brawl’, this week in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Neha Dhupia, Varun Sood and Nikhil Chinapa get into an argument

Post an overwhelming vote-out process, Roadies Revolution is inching towards a nail-biting ‘do or die’ battle. With Tarandeep and Prakhar’s exit, Team Arushi will have to strive and pave their way through the tasks and the vote-outs to stand strong against Team Pratibha and this will be an interesting fight to witness. Like every week, Rannvijay brings another twist to the tale and asks two leaders to form an alliance. While Neha and Varun will be seen pitching themselves to Nikhil, who would he finally choose? Will he stand by his words, Loyalty is Royalty? Find out, this Saturday! 

Keeping up with the thrilling game week-on-week, the charming Rannvijay introduces this week’ task, Basket Brawl where Team Varun and Team Nikhil will compete against Team Neha and Team Prince. The winning team will get full immunity and the leaders will get one star each. Each team will comprise of seven Roadies where three of them are going to be girls. Unfortunately, one Roadie will not get a chance to perform and will directly go to the danger zone. To everyone’s surprise, Team Neha will be seen choosing Arushi’s friend Hamid in her team. Would this lead to another conflict? Will immunity be greater than friendship this time? Stay tuned to see the change in the dynamics of the game! 

As the task rolls out, we will see an ugly war breaking between Pratibha and Arushi which will lead to a major argument between Neha, Varun and Nikhil and ultimately Rannvijay will have to jump in the ring and call for a settlement.

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