Sanaya Irani shares a beautiful picture of her on social media

Sanaya Irani flies like a bird in her lastest picture

Sanaya Irani, the young TV actress, started off with modeling and swiftly moved towards television, and then took the big step of acting in the 2006 hit movie, Fanaa.

Yes, Sanaya Irani is a sweet and adorable looking actress, but she sure is a rolling stone that is unstoppable, once she makes up her mind to achieve something. And what better proof of that than her career and journey in the television industry itself.

Time and again, Sanaya Irani has mesmerized us with her bubbly nature and vivacious on-screen presence, which the audience can’t ever get enough of.

Apart from her career in the television industry, Sanaya has won the ‘Face of the Year’ award thrice and is also the only television actress to have been included in People Magazine’s (India) Forty Most Beautiful Women list.

She is a natural beauty who is a true treasure of the television industry. Despite her being in the limelight frequently, we have to admit that we miss this diva on the small screen.

Today, she uploaded a very beautiful picture of her on the beach. The picture is so graceful you can’t stop staring at it.

Along with the picture, she posted a caption that said, “Smell the sea, and feel the sky let your soul and spirit fly- Van Morrison”.

Below is the picture of her. Have a look at the picture below and do let us know how you liked it.

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