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Splitsvilla 13 audition details were put up in April and this is how the news season looks like.

Splitsvilla Next Season Details REVEALED

MTV Splitsvilla has been a huge show wherein one can find adventure, love, money, fame and even drama!!

As per the policy and format of the show, it seems only the fittest can survive this game!! And for the ones who prove themselves in every round, it is nothing short of an adventure!!

Splitsvilla has had an enriching season for the last 12 years. Now the 13th edition of Splitsvilla will happen soon.

Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone have been hosting it together in the last few seasons. The contestants need to keep themselves out of connect from the world and put in their energies to survive the moments in Splitsvilla. Quite a combative reality show, this, will see its 13th season very soon.

The auditions for Season 13 of Splitsvilla started in April this year, and online registration norms were put out. Factors on which candidates are selected was also mentioned in the audition form.

However, the lockdown probably has put to halt everything related to the new season. And now, with the industry opening up slowly, the focus is certainly on Splitsvilla and the new season and its audition process.

We will surely keep you posted.

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