Sunayana Fozdar is a popular star in the Indian Television world. Her amazing social media posts have motivated many, and rightly therefore dubbed as a social media influencer. The actress has been awe-inspiring with her updates and posts on social media.

It is no news, that the actress has been playing the role of Anjali Bhabhi in the show TMKOC, after Neha Mehta, left the show. However, fans have been extremely welcoming towards her in the show.

Coming back to her social media, the actress has recently shared her guru mantra on life on her social media, which left her co-actresses, Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal and Ambika Ranjankar motivated. The actress wrote, “As a Kid all I ever wanted is to be is “Big” “Big enough “ As I grew big I gained freedom of money,choices,options etc… But they say when you “Grow “ you have to be more mature, Have to Act “Proper at all times,think logical use your mind over heart , Do the right things ,Choose the “right friends” etc., ? I say if that’s what becoming “Big” takes …I choose be a childlike always,if it means making mistakes by following my heart at all times even if Its not exactly “profitable” , loving without fear ,living without judgements.,laughing with the people I love till my last breath… Profit and loss ka kyu soche Koi balance sheet thodi hain…Zindagi hain..Sabkuch Kho kar bhi bahut kuch paaya agar aapne apnapan aur pyaar kamaya (? So deep)
I refuse to grow old …Dil toh baccha hai ji❤️Aapka Dil kya abhi bhi bacha hai??” Take a look-