TikTok is the latest sensation, not only amongst the young generation but everyone is taken in by this new music video app. It is gaining traction by the day, and in no time, this app has already gained incredible traction.

Randeep Rai is a popular actor known for his acting and the amazing style that he portrays. Randeep Rai is seen in the show Yeh Un Dinon ki Baat Hai and has won the hearts of many due to his role in this show. This actor is found to be the favorite of fans, due to the many cute and sassy reasons behind it. The main reason why girls fall for the amazing actor is his super cute smile and his dressing sense which has a wow factor in itself.

Randeep Rai’s personality, appearance and the way he carries himself with perfect style are something very few can emulate. He is becoming a fashion idol for many of the youngsters.

Very few celebs can pull off different styles like a pro. Randeep Rai is one of the few celebs whose style game includes diversity. Be it a cute schoolboy, a badass or even the regular casual look, he aces every look, which makes him an amazing fashion idol.

The posts and videos that he uploads daily on Instagram make his fans and viewers instantly attached to him. His socially active nature makes him a fan favorite.

Similarly, today he uploaded a couple of videos on his Instagram, which he has made through TikTok.

Below are the videos. Have a look and do let us know how you liked them.

View Instagram Post 1: TikTok fever with Randeep Rai