Vivek brings in Divyanka's birthday in Thailand

Vivek Dahiya gifts Divyanka Tripathi ‘Nemo’ on her birthday

Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi are known to be traveholics as the duo makes sure to squeeze in holidays several times a year in between hectic shooting schedules. Divyanka Tripathi just turned a year older this week and the duo that was in Thailand for an event decided to extend their stay to bring in Divyanka’s birthday.

Vivek reveals, “The entire trip was dedicated to doing everything Divyanka loves and the highlight definitely were our underwater adventures.  We love going to the Far East because of all the water activities and scuba diving had been on our bucket list for long.  And yes one of the best highlights of the trip was Finding Nemo, which Divyanka says was the best gift she could have gotten this birthday. ” (laughs).

Divyanka adds in, “From having a limousine pick us up at the airport and staying in a luxurious suite in Bangkok to the island hopping and scuba diving adventures, every step of this trip had been a surprise for me.  Vivek had our entire room decorated for my birthday as a cake awaited me at midnight.  Then on my birthday day itself, Vivek pampered me with a spa, a special high tea and shopping.”

Speaking about her husband Divyanka says, “I’m amazed at the fact on how well Vivek knows me.  He knows exactly what will make me happy.  This trip was completely relaxing for me as I didn’t have to put my brain and head into the planning at all.  I just had to go along and he had taken care of all the planning. Any spa would be lesser relaxing than the amount of relaxation I got thanks to Vivek’s meticulous planning.  This birthday has to be my best one ever as Vivek made me feel like a queen.”

No wonder fans call Divek one of the most romantic couples of our industry as the duo loves surprising each other and making the most out of each and every moment.

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