Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen engaging drama with Rukmini’s (Khushi Dubey) heart broken with the decision of her family to get her married. With Kesar Ba coming with Sumedh (Navneet Malik) to see her, Kesar is being dressed up like a perfect girl for the first time. Sonal makes sure that Rukmini’s hair is made into a bun so that she can hide the fact that her sister’s hair is short.

Sumedh on the other hand, is happy to see the girl selected by Kesar Ba for him, but at the same time, is trying hard to unite Malhaar with his girlfriend Mini. However, he is not aware that Malhaar loves the girl he is going to see.

The coming episode will bring Rukmini face-to-face with Sumedh for the first time. Rukmini will be stunned to see Sumedh in front of her. She will remember the man in the photo, that she took from her father’s box. The man was in a navy uniform and she had taken the help of the man in the photo and had introduced him as her boyfriend to her friends and also to Malhaar. However, Malhaar did not believe her story as she talked about the man being a Navy officer.

Now, Rukmini will be tense on seeing the man in the photo standing in front of her. But this will give her the big misunderstanding that the man she is seeing is a Navy officer.

Aankh Micholi Ep 29 29th February Written Episode Update

Kesar Ba decided to take Sumedh and her family to meet the girl that she had selected for Sumedh.

What will happen next?

Aankh Micholi the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is the story of an undercover cop Rukmini who aspires to achieve her dreams. In the process, the plot will also dwell on her love life. The show has Khushi Dubey playing Rukmini. Actors Navneet Malik and Hitesh Bhardwaj play the male leads and portray characters Sumedh and Malhaar respectively.