Drama galore in Zee TV's Woh Apnaa Sa

Aditya to delve into Nisha’s amnesia drama in Woh Apnaa Sa

Zee TV’s Woh Apnaa Sa (Alchemy Films) is gearing up for an interesting twist.

The makers are living up to our expectations by providing us with a lot of drama. And now, what is coming your way will spice up the show some more. Now we will reveal about one such really big and interesting twist.

Audience is aware about Nisha’s (Ridhi Dogra) amnesia track airing currently.

Our source adds, “Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) will lie to Nisha saying that Chinni and Binni are her daughters, hence both the kids will address Jhanvi as Maa. This will make her emotional and she will hug them both and would cry happily. Later, Nisha will apply mehendi on her palm and will search for Aditya (Ssudeep Sahir) to show him. However, Aditya will be with Jhanvi in the store room. But they will manage to escape.

Furthermore, Aditya will believe that Nisha is pretending to have amnesia. He will talk to Baba about the same. He will also vow to expose her lie by catching her red-handed.

Is Nisha pretending to have amnesia? Will Aditya manage to find out the truth?

The actors were busy shooting for the show.

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