Anandibaa aur Emily the Star Plus show produced by Optimystix has seen engrossing drama which has led to disappointment for Emily (Jazzy Ballerini). Emily has lost the Halwa making competition, and has been forced to get out of the house by Baa (Kanchan Gupta). As we know, there was a challenge placed between Ba and Emily wherein if Emily failed to win the competition, she will have to pack her bags and leave the house. This is where Emily was blessed with divinity when Lord Krishna (Meghan Jadhav) appeared before her. He will be shown as Emily’s guide and mentor now.

The coming episode will see Emily being blessed by Krishna. She will find her way into the house of Aarav again. This will be Emily’s big victory.

She will be declared the winner of the Halwa making competition. This will mean that Baa will have to take Emily into the house again. Baa will have to take back her words and let Emily inside the house.

Will Emily now get into the kitchen too as per the challenge?