Anupamaa the Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut has seen exciting drama wherein Maaya’s (Chahat Pandey) true face has come out. Kavya revealed to one and all that Maaya loves Anuj. This has forced Anuj to send Maaya out of the house. Maaya expresses her wish to celebrate Anupamaa’s birthday and then leave. Anuj and Anupamaa granted her wish.

We saw how Anuj and Anu celebrated Anupamaa’s birthday at the orphanage. They spent a happy time at the beach. However, they had this constant fear of Maaya’s next move.

The coming episode will finally blow the lid off Maaya’s plan. Maaya will silently elope from Anuj’s house along with Maaya.

Anuj and Anupamaa will not be aware of this, and they will be shocked to see a goodbye message in Anu’s room which has been written by Maaya.

Anuj will collapse while Anupamaa will shudder.

What will happen now?