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Anupamaa the Star Plus show will see Anupamaa deciding to turn her passion of dance into her profession.

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Wow!! Anupamaa to become a dance teacher

Anupamaa the popular Star Plus show produced by Director’s Kut will see Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) embarking on a new journey by finding a job for herself.

Yes, the fights between Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) and Anupamaa are escalating and in the coming episode, Vanraj will ask Jhilmil not to come for work and will want to put Anupamaa to more of the home challenges.

However, Anupamaa will call Jhilmil back and will order her to report for work. This will enrage Vanraj and he will question Anupamaa about taking decisions when she is not earning any money for the family.

This will push Anupamaa further and she will decide to stand on her own legs and turn her passion into her profession.

Her son Samar (Paras Kalnawat) will motivate Anupamaa to start taking online dance classes for kids and groom them with the kind of dancing talent she has. Anupamaa will be excited and will accept the decision of becoming a dance teacher.


Is this the start of a new journey for Anupamaa?

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