Drama galore in &TV show

Baiju Bhaiya to turn saviour for Srishti in &TV’s Agnifera

The ongoing episodes of the popular daily Agnifera, which airs on &TV, is coming up with some high voltage drama in its ongoing episodes.

Now we hear that the makers have planned to add some more drama to make the story a lot more entertaining and gripping.

Well, as per the ongoing episodes, Srishti (Simran Kaur) decides to move on in her life after Vishu’s (Mohak Khurana) death.

Our source informs us, “In the upcoming episodes of the series, Srishti would walking alone and some goons would attack on her. They would tease and misbehave with her and would later kidnap her in order to attempt rape on her. Their plan would be to kill her.”

To save his Srishti, Baiju Bhaiya (Ayyaz Ahmed) will enter into a nasty fight with the goons and in the process, he will get injured gravely.


What will happen next? Will this drama bring the two closer to each other?

We tried reaching out to Simran but she remained busy.

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