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Aghori 31 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Advik blames Kamakshi’s mother for the death of his parents.

Aghori 31 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Kamakshi said she found out, she went to crematorium ground following him and said he had a misunderstanding, her mum didn’t do anything, she didn’t harm a bit to anyone. Advik asked how she knew that. Kamakshi said she got the mother, but not the time with her. She said mother was the one who can be felt by the child even after her death. She said she knew her mum well. Advik said he had seen with his eyes and said his parents were crying and dying, her mum was standing there with axe in

hand. He said she gave his parents’ bali so that she can get all these powers. Kamakshi said he thought she was that same Kamakshi who will give her life for him and said she was the daughter of a fearless mother and said she will fight for her life, not because she was afraid, but because she would not leave her life for his wrong thinking. He said she will fight with him even after knowing his powers. Kamakshi said even she had powers; her silence didn’t mean that she was weak. Advik said to test. Kamakshi said body’s strength failed, but not heart’s strength. He asked her to come and said where the powers were.

This is what we saw in previous episode…

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