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Aghori 04 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Advik and Kamakshi set out in search of Aara who falls in danger.

Aghori 04 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Aarya in danger

Today’s Aghori 04 August episode begins with Param asking Kamakshi why she married by eloping and betrayed her Mama. Suman blamed Kamakshi for doing a big drama. She asked what do she thought that they will do her aarti. Advik tried to speak. Suman asked him not to interfere, he went her, but did he think about th. She asked who will marry the girls in their house and said today Param was shattered as his trust was broken down today. Kamakshi apologized. Suman said they couldn’t set their home and were wandering here and there, but she set her home. She said she asked her Mama not to love her, but he used to love her very much. She said she had done the same thing which her mother had done and said she was an orphan and they would have left her in an orphanage. She asked Kamakshi who gave her right to play with her emotions. Advik said Mami ji.
Param said let him handle this matter. He asked Kamakshi why she married by eloping. Kamakshi apologized and said she flowed in emotions and was broken. She said she did a big mistake which ruined her and all of their life. She said her decision was wrong, if she had told him then the present must be something else. Param said he didn’t have any answers now. He said from today Kamakshi was not their daughter, but only his wife. He said this house was my daughter’s sasural and they idon’t drink water of daughter’s house, it was a sin. He asked Suman to pack their stuff and said they will not stay here. Rashi told Param that they shall do kamakshi’s grah pravesh else there will be an abshagun. Param said this was not their home and the owners of the house were not here and he didn’t have the strength to ask them to do their grah pravesh. Kamakshi cried.

Suman went inside and called Rashi. Advik went inside asking Kamakshi to wait there. Aara’s parents searched her on the road and in the nearby shops. They got worried for Aara. Advik brought aarti and applied Tilak to Kamakshi. He did her aarti and said he welcomed his wife in this house. He asked her to enter and make the house as their home. Kamakshi thought she wish she would have known his truth before. She stepped inside the house by kicking kalash. They came to the God’s idol. Kamakshi prayed to God to give her strength to reach his truth. Kamakshi asked Param to give her blessings. Param said this marriage didn’t need elders’ blessings.

Rudranaath asked who told that their marriage had happened without their consent and said they had approved their marriage. He said they did right by marry with their wish and said their happiness was in their happiness. He held kamakshi and told that their Jodi was made by God bholenaath. He said they accepted this marriage happily. Dravya said yes and said Kamakshi’s life will be happy always. She said she won’t let anything happen to her until she was alive. She said she was her bahu now and she promised that she will fulfill all her responsibilities well. Asmi said she said right, they were childhood friend, but as uncle said that Jodi was made by God. She said may be, she had someone in her life who will be better than Advik, she will not fight with her destiny for him.

She thought she will fight even with God for him. Suman asked about Soham. Shanaya said he got admission in London University so he went. Rudranaath asked Param to be happy. Kamakshi touched Rudranaath’s feet and thought if he knew that Advik was an aghori and if he was his father. She came to Dravya and thought if she was his mother. Dravya promised her in her heart that she won’t let anything happen to her. Advik and Kamakshi tried to take Param and Suman’s marriage, but they moved back. Kamakshi was shattered and fainted. Advik took her with him. Rashi was coming there, but he stared her and she stopped. Advik thought only he will punish Kamakshi. Aara’s parents came there and saw the aarti plate and kalash. Aara’s mother said they were family, but nobody cared for her daughter and didn’t see anything else except her. She asked if this was family. Suman said her daughter will be found. Aara’s mother said nobody went to search her and cried for her.

Aara’s father told he saw her last. He recalled and told that Rashi and Aara came down and suddenly she went missing, seemed like someone made her vanish with magic. Dravya thought if Aara went inside the time door, but how as the bracelet was of Kamakshi. Suman told Param that Dravya and Rudranaath were strange to have left them. Advik brought Kamakshi to bed and thought of fire balls falling on her. He was upset and said her injuries were not deep that she will die. He said he was bearing the pain since morning and said this pain never left him alone and was with h all the time. He asked sleeping Kamakshi to call her mum and asked her to ask her to return her childhood and parents. He said she will die in one month. He said she had to die, he give her 1 month to fulfill his mission. Suman told that Aara came to Kamakshi’s room searching her bracelet and said she saw her last then. Dravya and Shanaya heard her. Dravya said now he understood and said she brought Aara’s bracelet by mistake. Shanaya said how they will bring her back. Dravya said they will use this bracelet to bring her back, under any circumstances. Rudranaath came there and said how can a big Aghoran do such a mistake. He said his one shishya became kankali and other shishya did a mistake.

Dravya said he was making fun of the little girl as she went missing. They argued and took a dig at each other. Dravya asked him to forget their enmity and bring Aara back. Advik came and said he will bring Aara back. He took the bracelet from Dravya’s hand. Asmi came and took the bracelet. Advik said he will do everything possible to bring innocent girl. Dravya asked why he wanted to give Kamakshi’s bali, even she was innocent. Advik said time will tell. He went . Later Kamakshi was standing in the balcony and thought of her marriage with Advik in the cave. She recalled Advik promising to give her bali after 1 month and Param saying that she crushed his trust. Rashi came there and said she was happy that she got happiness of her life. She said she got married to her prince charming. She held her hand and Kamakshi felt pain. She checked her hand and saw her injuries. Kamakshi said it will heal. Rashi told that Aara was missing and Advik was going to take her. Kamakshi ran.

Advik came towards his bike and prayed. Kamakshi was running to come out and fell down. Advik brought something in his hand with magic and opened the time door. Kamakshi thought how to believe Advik, if he was thinking to kill her then he can hurt Aara too. He showed the bracelet towards the time door, wore helmet. Kamakshi was coming running there. Advik sat on the bike and started it. Kamakshi jumped and sat on the bike, just as he was about to start. He looked at her and they entered inside. Kamakshi saw the snow place. Kamakshi said her sister was here. Advik said his dangers were here. Kamakshi said if her sister can face the danger then even she can face. Advik said now he had to take care of two. Kamakshi said don’t worry about her, she had a request that take her sister home. She said where to search her. He said they were in Himalayas. Advik said due to this bracelet. He chanted something closing his eyes and the bracelet flew in air taking them to Aara. He said Aara went there. Kamakshi thought he had unique powers, she didn’t know this Advik. The written update of 04 August 2019 Aghori episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Aghori, watch Advik kills Aara and Dravya states that Advik will not become like Rudranath. Stay tuned!

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