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Aghori 25 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Advik blames Kamakshi’s mother for the death of his parents.

Aghori 25 August 2019 Written Update: Kamakshi defends her mother

Today’s Aghori 25 August episode begins with Kamakshi (Simran Kaur) spotting the ghost approaching her and hid from it. She thought the ghost didn’t eat the dead bird which meant they didn’t eat the dead. She pretended to be dead infront of them. They went away. Kamakshi got up. Kankali Kauravi lied down on Soham’s lap and told that everyone was shocked seeing kankali. Soham said she was his Gurumaa. Kankali laughed. Dravya and Rudranaath came there. Kankali called them big aghori and aghoran and said both of them got trapped in his net. Rudranaath asked her to tell why she came. Dravya said they had one relation which was revenge. Rudranaath asked what kind of revenge. Dravya said what they did with him. Kauravi said kankali mukhiya and said she was Kauravi, came to take revenge of her father’s death.

Kamakshi came out of the house, ran and fell down. The ghosts again came to her and was about to hold her, when Advik came there and made her fly in air and held her when she was about to fall down. Kamakshi said he had come. Advik said she was in demand; everyone was after her, prets and him. He said he saved her from Prets, but who will save her from him. He said lets go. Kamakshi said she had no choice. Prets came near them. Kauravi said she will take revenge from them, take their soul and breath would be stuck. Rudranaath got angry. Kauravi said if he did anything then the war will start between Aghoris and Kankalis and many would die. She asked them to leave if they were done with their investigation. She said she needed to rest. Dravya got angry.

Rudranaath stopped her and they left. Soham said Shiv Shiv and said damru was played. Kauravi said until they play damru, he will snatch their precious thing from them. Soham asked who. Kankali said Kamakshi. She said she sent all prets to Kamakshi and said they were her slaves. She said they wanted Kamakshi for her tapasya and bali and said Kamakshi won’t be safe as they were against life. Kamakshi asked Advik how he came here. Advik said they had to kill them and take her inside the godown. Kamakshi said they were prêt, how he will kill them. Advik fell down. Kamakshi fell on him. Kamakshi said her life was simple before and said after he came in her life, sometimes she had to face hilly mountains and sometimes Prets. He asked her to thank him openly. Kamakshi said her life was good before. Advik said he was searching for such places and said Prets will be trapped here. He asked Kamakshi to make the oil drums fall down when he asked her. Kamakshi said it was very heavy, how she will make them fall. Advik said with her powers. Kamakshi said she didn’t know who and when to use it.

She said she will not use it. Advik said Prets will die in the fire. Kamakshi asked him to use his powers. Advik said he didn’t have that much time to use his power. Kamakshi prayed to Bholenaath and asked for powers. She made the oil drums fall with her powers while the prets were walking towards them. She told Advik about the drums that fell down. Advik chanted some mantras and lit the fire. The prets walked on the fire and got burnt one by one. Kamakshi said all died, they had done it and hugged him. Advik smiled and then realized. Kamakshi said fire was increasing and asked him to bring the rain. Advik

said how to bring rain from the roof and asked if she was joking. Kamakshi said she was facing the death and said if he can face the death. The fire log fell on Advik, but nothing happens to him and he brushed off the log. He smiled. Kamakshi said fire didn’t affected him and asked how they will go now. He gave his hand. Kamakshi held his hand and they walked in the fire and came out alive. Kamakshi asked how he did it.

Advik said they did it. They came out. He said it was good that she ran holding her groom’s hand else would have died at the hands of prets. Kamakshi said he would have handed her over to prets and left. Advik said it was better for her to surrender to him rather than to Prets. Kamakshi saw the temple and thought this is the same temple, which was in the picture with Maa. He went near the bike and asked her to come. Kamakshi sat on the bike and they came home. Suman asked Kamakshi why she went. Kamakshi said sorry for not informing her before leaving. Suman scolded her politely. Dravya came and said her mum in law didn’t have any objection. Param told what Rashi had told him. He asked if she found something. Kamakshi said she was missing mother so went to spend some time there. Advik thought her mother and her past were both murderers. Soham and Kankali came there. Kamakshi and Advik were shocked. Suman said Soham married Kauravi. Soham asked her not to feel guilty and said if she had not left the marriage then he would have left. Kamakshi bent down and picked the fallen picture.

Advik told Rudranaath that Kamakshi went to her parents’ house, but Prets came there to kill Kamakshi. He asked who sent it. Rudranaath said Kankali must have sent them. Advik said he will kill her. Aasmi told that Kauravi had become mukhiya of the kankali after she had killed her father. She said if they do anything then Kauravi will kill everyone. She said they can’t take such big danger. Rudranaath said if anything happened to Kamakshi’s family then it won’t be easy to take her bali with her wish. Advik said he had kept magical flowers petals in her mangalsutra to make her mind connected with him. Aasmi told that Kamakshi needed to be pure for the bali. Advik said he was an Aghori and told that he will never get near her, as she was the murderer of his parents. He asked since when she got this feeling of love. Aasmi said since childhood and went. Rudranaath said he will handle Kankali and asked him to handle Kamakshi. Dravya tried to talk to Kamakshi and said she didn’t ask why they came here. Kamakshi thanked her for lying for her and said she didn’t trust her. Rudranaath and Aasmi came there.

Dravya said she came to protect her from someone who wanted to kill her. Kamakshi went from there. Rudranaath said they shall be happy that she didn’t tell anyone. Aasmi said Kamakshi was silent as she thought they were danger to her family. Rudranaath asked Dravya to kill her. Dravya said so that he can kill Kamakshi. Rudranaath said Kauravi had made Soham as kankali. He left. Advik tested the flower in the room and held her hand. Kamakshi ran away. He thought she was going far from him. Kamakshi came and held his hand. Advik said to forget everything and feel this moment, their breath, their heartbeat, their heart and their intimacy and the warmth of the intimacy, the good smell of the breath. Advik said he wanted to break her heart, wanted to hurt her. Kamakshi said it seemed like his parents’ death happened because of her mother. Advik asked how she knew.

Kamakshi said she found out, she went to crematorium ground following him and said he had a misunderstanding, her mum didn’t do anything, she didn’t harm a bit to anyone. Advik asked how she knew that. Kamakshi said she got the mother, but not the time with her. She said mother was the one who can be felt by the child even after her death. She said she knew her mum well. Advik said he had seen with his eyes and said his parents were crying and dying, her mum was standing there with axe in

hand. He said she gave his parents’ bali so that she can get all these powers. Kamakshi said he thought she was that same Kamakshi who will give her life for him and said she was the daughter of a fearless mother and said she will fight for her life, not because she was afraid, but because she would not leave her life for his wrong thinking. He said she will fight with him even after knowing his powers. Kamakshi said even she had powers; her silence didn’t mean that she was weak. Advik said to test. Kamakshi said body’s strength failed, but not heart’s strength. He asked her to come and said where the powers were. The written update of 25 August 2019 Aghori episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Aghori, watch Dravya gets shocked when Kankali informs her that one of Kamakshi’s family members will become Kankali because of her. Dravya slaps Soham and Kamakshi hides a picture from Advik. Stay tuned!

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