Aghori 24 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Kamakshi goes alone to find her family but gets chased by a ghost.

Aghori 24 August 2019 Written Update:  Kamakshi trapped by a ghost

Today’s Aghori 24 August episode begins with Kamakshi (Simran Kaur) entering her room from bathroom and getting ready. She took sindoor bottle in her hand, looked at Advik (Gaurav Chopra) and then applied sindoor in her maang. Kamakshi asked him if he’d stare at her or say something. Advik said something was missing to make her as his wife. He came near her and showed the magical mangalsutra. He tied mangalsutra around her neck. She took it out and asked if he knew why. She said husband made wife wear this mangalsutra with the promise that he would take care of her all life from all evil eyes, but if husband’s evil eyes were on wife then. She gave mangalsutra in his hand and said this sindoor was her helplessness. She asked him not to ask her to wear mangalsutra. Param told Suman that he was worried when Police told that they didn’t know Advik and his family. He said this function was organized by Advik so the guests might be his relatives and friends and said they were rich, might not meet with the neighbors and that was why they must not know them. He asked if she was still angry. Suman said she was worried for Kamakshi and that was why she was angry and said she would have done the same thing if Rashi had done this. She said she was happy that Kamakshi was at least married now.

Rashi and Kamakshi saw the guests coming. Rashi asked if there was some function at home. Kamakshi said she didn’t know. Rashi gave the maid saree to her and asked her to change it and went with pallu on her head. Suman and Aara’s mother came there. Aara’s mother identified maidservant’s saree. Suman took Kamakshi to get her ready. Rashi brought Kamakshi to the party. Dravya thought to know what Kamakshi might be thinking about them and asked Rashi to leave her sister. She said they got Kamakshi finally as their bahu. She took Kamakshi and said she wanted to talk about yesterday’s incident. Advik came there and called her mom. He said he had first right on her. Dravya said she was all his and gave her hand in his hand. Advik held Kamakshi’s hand and whispered that he knew that she wanted to do something and asked her not to do and said his eyes were on her. Advik told the gifts that as it was his first marriage, he forgot to do something. He forgot to give her a gift which enhanced a bride’s beauty. He whispered to her that she couldn’t run away with her reflection. He called Inder.

He asked Kamakshi to tell if she liked the gift in front of everyone and made her wear the mangalsultra. Kamakshi called on the library number and asked about her parents. She came to know that someone else knew them and said she would come there. She asked Rashi to do something. Rashi told Chirag to help Kamakshi go out from here. Chirag said she wanted to know about her mum. He said it won’t be easy for her to leave from here. Rashi took Suman to side and said they shall do the tulsi bath. Suman asked everyone to stop the muhdikhayi and go for the tulsi bath. Rashi asked Kamakshi to go silently. Kamakshi said Advik’s eyes were on her. Advik looked at Kamakshi. Rashi got a chit and gave it to Kamakshi in which it was written asking her to come to room. Advik tried to go to Kamakshi. Chirag stopped him and tried to force-feed sweet to him. Advik recalled Rudranaath asking him to have cold and stale food. Dravya thought they were upto something. Advik threw the sweets and pretended to eat. He asked if he can go. Suman asked where Kamakshi was. Rashi said she was here and the veiled Kamakshi or someone else came there. Rashi asked where she’d gone. She said washroom. It showed Kamakshi was hiding and went out. Advik was relieved and was going to room. Kamakshi took cab and asked him to take her to the written address. The guest lady saw the bride and said she was not that bride.

Advik heard them and was coming towards the bride. Rashi asked Advik to come to room and said she had to tie rakhi to him. Advik asked her to do the ritual here and brought a wind with his powers which removed the veil from the bride’s face. Everyone saw Kankali’s face and got shocked. Kamakshi came to the house. Kamakshi said she talked to him on phone and said her parents used to stay here. Man took her inside the house and locked the door. He said his Dadi knew about him. Advik asked where Kamakshi was. Param told Rudranaath that she was at her relative. Rudranaath said she was Dravya’s relative. Dravya said she was not her relative. Kankali said she was Soham’s wife. Dravya thought Soham was dead. Suman said where Kamakshi was. Kamakshi asked where his Dadi was. She saw the man’s eyes turning black and said he was not human. Rashi told that Kamakshi told her before going and asked her not to worry. Suman said Kamakshi went and she hid her mistake. She scolded Rashi for helping Kamakshi. Param said where she went. Rashi said she went to her parents’ house where they used to live and said she might be feeling her mother or wanted to give her shraddhanjali. Kamakshi tried to run.

The ghosts walked towards her. Kamakshi ran. Advik thought that mangalsutra was not his love proof, but it connected her mind with his. Kamakshi ran to room and locked the door. She tried to open the window, but it was locked. Rudranaath told Aasmi that she shall not know about the secret. Aasmi said she must want to know about her mother, but Advik will not let her know anything. Advik was on the bike and reaching there. The magical flower connected with the Kamakshi’s mangalsutra was taking him there. Kamakshi thought she was badly trapped and thought from where to go. She found some stuff and thought Maa and Papa’s stuff could be here and she would not go empty handed. She searched for proofs, but the ghosts tried to break the door and one of them put finger and then hand in the door. Kamakshi thought what to do and put the table on the door. The ghosts broke the door. Advik thought if kamakshi was in some trouble. Kamakshi saw the cellar’s door and got inside to hide from the ghosts. She found a picture there. Dravya asked Kankali/Kauravi to tell who she was.

Kankali said she was Kauravi. Dravya saw Kankali’s symbol on her and asked why she came there. She said first she made Soham kankali and then took the human avatar and came here. Kankali asked her to find out. Dravya said she will find out. Param brought fake Soham there and said he was scared of her. Param said her son loved Kauravi a lot and was not coming home, so he dragged him here. Fake Soham said he didn’t know how to face her, but Kauravi insisted that they shall meet her. He whispered in her ears saying to forgive him. Suman asked Dravya to forgive them. Kankali and fake Soham touched her feet. Dravya kept hand on her head. Kankali hugged her and said she wanted to expose her, now try to expose him. She said this house will be burnt infront of her and she will just see. Fake Soham said she wanted to meet her first and wanted her all to be comfortable with her. Kankali said she thought to tell them after Soham came. The ghosts entered the room and came towards her. She came out of the cellar and came near the door. The ghosts walked towards her. Kamakshi tried to open the door. The written update of 24 August 2019 Aghori episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Aghori, watch Advik advises Kamakshi to use her powers; she prays to god and gets saved by the ghost approaching her. Stay tuned!

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