MTV Roadies is a youth-based reality show that airs on MTV India. It first aired in 2003. In the show, a group of contestants travel to different destinations and participate in various tasks that challenge their physical and mental strength.

Raghu Ram, Rajiv Lakshman, and RJ Amit, the creators of Roadies, left the show in 2014. They told the media that they had done enough to popularise the show and wanted to give opportunities to the new generation to carry the show forward.

Some of the best moments of the show were always the various tasks that the contestants performed. How they teamed up brushing their differences aside was worth watching. Every vote-out, eliminations and game-changing twists and turns have been gripping, since the first few seasons of Roadies, and they have only gotten better and more exciting with time.

Ringmaster Rannvijay’s Roadies journey is an inspiration to the youth all over the nation. If you are near a true Roadies fan, you will instantly know it, because the mere mention of Rannvijay’s name is going to make them jump up on their feet in excitement.

Today we bring you the names of Roadies contestants who have achieved fame and made it big through Roadies.

Below are the pictures of the contestant who rose to fame through roadies and earned a name in the industry.

Have a look below and do let us know who is or was your favorite Roadies contestant.