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Aghori 17 August 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how everyone get out safe through the door due to Kamakshi.

Aghori 17 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Kamakshi learns the truth

Today’s Aghori 17 August episode begins with Advik requesting Kamakshi to look at him. She looked at him. He said their magic worked and told that the ice melted. They came out of the house. Advik asked her to give Aara’s bracelet and told that he needed it to locate her. Kamakshi said she forgot it in the house. Advik said how they will search her now and scolded her. Kamakshi saw tree and came to it, said she loved the nature very much and asked tree to help her find her sister. The tree branches fell in a certain direction. Advik said they shall go there. Advik ran faster and dug the ice land. He saw Aara inside and frozen, asks Kamakshi to come. Kamakshi saw Aara frozen and asked Advik to save Aara like he saved her lighting fire. He said this place was Mayavi, he didn’t know if he shall use fire here or not and break the ice bed. He took out Aara out of the ice. Kamakshi rubbed her hands and legs and told that her pulse was low. Advik said nothing will happen to her and prayed.

Rashi was worried for Aara and kamakshi and thought how to enquire about them. She broke the cup by mistake while working in the kitchen and found light coming inside from under the wall. She checked the wall and found it shaking. She found the secret passage and thought if she shall go. She thought she never knew about it. Kamakshi cried for Aara. Aara gained consciousness and said Kamakshi didi. Kamakshi hugged her and cried, thanking God. Advik came there wearing his clothes. Advik said marriage didn’t happen with her, but with Kamakshi. Aara asked really and hugged Kamakshi. She asked this might be their honeymoon and asked what she was doing with them. Kamakshi asked her to sleep and said they will go home and talk. Rudranaath, Aasmi and Inder came there. Advik saw storm coming and asked Kamakshi to come. Kamakshi asked him to see Aara’s condition. He took Aara in his hands and ran. Kamakshi fell. He helped her get up. They ran. Kamakshi saw Rudranaath, Aasmi, Inder and recalled their fake introduction. She was shocked. Dravya and Shanaya came there.

Kamakshi was more shocked and said all of them were Aghoris, a big betrayal. Rudranaath and Dravya stopped the storm coming towards them with their powers. Dravya asked him to go with Aara and Kamakshi and said the way will be closed in sometime and will never be open. They didn’t have the time to make the new time door. She asked him to go near the mountain and step out of the door. She asked him not to waste time and go. Rudranaath signed him to go. Advik started walking holding Kamakshi and Aara on his shoulder. Rashi came inside the secret room, the light was flickering there. She saw a trunk and thought what was inside it. Advik said a big mountain was there. Kamakshi said she will not go. Advik said then she will be trapped. Kamakshi said she was already trapped in his net. She said whom she thought as her family was all Aghoris. He asked if she was mad and said there was a danger here. Kamakshi asked if she was not in danger with him. She said she knew that he wanted to take her life, but didn’t know that he will call all of them here. Rudranaath and Dravya made the cloud storm break with their powers. Dravya said he won’t let him take Kamakshi’s bali in any world.

Rudranaath said he thought she loved him. Dravya asked him to think whatever he wanted and said she won’t let him be powerful by giving Kamakshi’s bali. Dravya said she was leaving as samay door was closing. Rudranaath asked Inder and Aasmi to come. Kamakshi asked Advik what was going on in his mind and asked why they all had come here. Advik asked her to look at him for the answers. Kamakshi said she just saw him and that was why she was seeing this day. She said he was not her love, but her death and asked why to go with his death. He held her hand and asked her to come, said he didn’t have the time to tell the reason why he hated her. He said he hated her very much. Shanaya asked them to come and said time door was about to get closed. Rashi saw some pics in the trunk and thoughg who they were. She opened the big trunk and thought who they were; these pictures were taken in this house. She thought they didn’t stay here. Dravya asked Rudranaath why he was following her now. Rudranaath said he said that there was one samay dwar only. He said if this door got closed then also he can cross inside. Dravya argued with him. She told that she had kept the trishul on the door and it will not close. They were running towards there. Kankali thought to drop the trishul down to make the samay door closed and made it fall, to make them stuck here. Rudranaath came there with others. Kankali said she tried to stop the trishul, but it fell down. Rudranaath scolded her and then told Dravya that her stupid shishya.

Dravya said she was her shishya and not his. Advik asked them not to argue. Police Inspector came with the Constables and told that they had talked to the locals and they didn’t know about Rudranaath, Dravya and others. Suman said Advik had a big business etc. Inspector said nobody knew about them. Rashi showed the album which she got from secret room. Constable said he knew them. Inspector said he will try to find and went. Suman asked Rashi from where she got it. Rudranaath, Dravya, Advik and others were trying to run towards the door seeing it closing, but it stopped closing. They asked each other how they stopped it. They turned to Advik. Advik nodded no. They turned to Kamakshi and saw her praying to bhole naath and stopping the door from closing. Rudranaath came to Kamakshi and said she had so many divine powers. They saw light coming from her hands. Advik was surprised too. Dravya said impossible, nobody can stop the door from closing and said she was Shiv vardaani. She called her. Advik also called her name. Kamakshi opened her eyes. Kankanli, Rudranaath, Aasmi, Inder, Shanaya and Dravya ran out. Kamakshi asked Advik to go with Aara. Advik threw Aara and Inder caught her.

Kamakshi asked him to go and said if he went first then this door will be closed and asked him to understand. Advik asked her to come and asked her to come, but Kamakshi dropped her hands down. Advik said door will be closed if she did this. Everyone was worried for Aara. Aara’s mother told Suman that Advik’s family must be cheaters. Param said what she was saying. Dravya, Rudranaath, Aasmi and Inder came there. Advik said he was calling her, come. Kamakshi said nobody loved her, she hurt her family and they all hated her. She said he hated her more than them. She said she didn’t want to come. He asked her to come. Kamakshi said it was better to die in this world rather than dying there. Advik said she wanted to know why he hated her and said he will tell everything and asked her to come. Kamakshi walked and jumped out. The door got closed. Advik held and hugged her. He thought how to let her go and said he will kill her. Rudranaath said they went to get his Aara. Dravya said ask them to see. They saw Advik and Kamakshi bringing Aara. Aara was unconscious. They asked why she was not opening her eyes.

Param said call the doctor. Dravya said she will be fine. Param asked Advik and Kamakshi had gone Advik said he called them and they searched her in different direction. Param thanked him. Suman thanked Advik and taunted Kamakshi. Kamakshi got teary eyes and wiped her tears. Advik said nobody will lose their life because of him. Rudranaath appreciated Advik for saving Aara and Kamakshi. He said he thought his hard work and tapasya will go waste, but he didn’t let this happen. He said Kamakshi knew that they all werr aghoris. Advik said he will handle her. Rudranaath said why he went to save her crossing the time door. He said don’t tell that he went for humanity sake. Advik said why can’t he do good work, said Aghoris do people’s goodness. He said if he thought that he went there for his love. He then showed him jaduwi phool and said just as he got the flower, he felt its powers. He said he knew he will be happy. Rudranaath said he was very happy and hugged him. He thought Advik had the flower now and thought he might become more powerful than him. Ha took flower with him. Advik saw Kamakshi sitting there and walked towards her. She said she wanted to talk to him. He said he needrd to go somewhere. Kamakshi said she can’t wait. The written update of 17 August 2019 Aghori episode full story ends.

In the upcoming episode of Aghori, watch Advik stops Kamakshi to visit her parents since he wants to spend time with her. Stay tuned!

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