Banni Chow Home Delivery the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen the shocking twist of Yuvan (Pravisht Mishra) going to the extent of putting his mother’s ring in Banni’s (Ulka Gupta) hand. While the family of Yuvan admonishes this act of Yuvan, Banni gets humiliated. Banni will be accused of playing her cards well to get into the house as the wife of Yuvan.

The coming episode will see more drama with the family asking Banni to remove the ring from her finger. However, the bigger drama will be when the right will be so apt on Banni’s finger that it would not come out at all. On the other hand, the family will ridicule Yuvan when he will ask them to get him married to Banni.

Forcefully, Yuvan will be dragged and his engagement with Niyati (Neha Rana) will be conducted. However, while the rings of both Yuvan and Niyati will be very loose and will fall down as soon as it is put, the ring on Banni’s hand will be so tight that she cannot take it off.

What will happen next? Will destiny bring Yuvan and Banni together?