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Rudra to get angry with Maya in Sony TV's Beyhadh 2.

Beyhadh 2: Rudra to get angry with Maya

Sony TV show Beyhadh 2 produced by LSD Films, never fails to impress the audience with its exciting twists and turns.

As seen so far, Maya tried to confront MJ. And he also tried to use her weakness to defeat her. It was also revealed why Manvi got married to Rudra and chose to be Maya Rudra Roy over Maya Jaisingh.

Now, in the coming episodes, MJ cuts short Maya’s hair and Rudra gets upset as he had complimented Maya for her long hair. Maya gets stunned by his anger and isn’t able to tell him the truth.

Later, to impress him she dances with him in their reception party.

Will Maya reveal the truth to Rudra?

Watch this space for mote updates.

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