Sony SAB’s ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ is a love story that follows the journey of Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan) and Tarapriya (Riya Sharma), who belong to two different eras which are separated by 400 years. Viewers have seen how Dhruv and Tara finally reach the 17th century and this marks a major milestone in their journey as they move a step closer to their goal of treating Tara’s brother. With its unique concept and engaging storytelling, ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ has captured audiences’ attention across the country.

The show promises to bring intriguing twists in the upcoming episodes, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the upcoming story. Having reached the 17th century, Dhruv is awestruck by the magnificent palaces he had known through books. However, his excitement is short-lived as he gets separated from Tara, who is also desperately trying to find him. When Tara finally discovers him, Dhruv is overjoyed, however, the plot thickens as Senapati (Vineet Chaudhary) approaches them.

Will Dhruv and Tara get caught by Senapati? What will their next move be?

Ishaan Dhawan, who portrays the character of Dhruv, said, “As an artist, I am fascinated by the new phase in Dhruv’s life as he sets foot in the 17th century. His journey in the 17th century has opened up a new creative dimension for me as he navigates the challenges and stands up against the Samrat while trying to save Tara’s brother. It is a story that has opened new doors for me creatively, and I believe it will be just as engaging for viewers to watch unfold on screen.”

Riya Sharma, who portrays the character of Tara, said, “Tara has finally returned to her homeland of Vallabhgarh, and she feels great to be back with a doctor who can treat her brother. However, her happiness is short-lived as Dhruv goes missing, and she embarks on a quest to find him. The upcoming track promises to be a challenging one for Tara as Senapati becomes the new source of trouble in her life. As an actor, I am excited to see how this track shapes up and look forward to some great scenes coming my way.”