Bigg Boss 14 house is full of drama and entertainment.  

Now, tonight, Vikas informs Abhinav about the allegations against him. He tells “After Kavita (Kaushik) left from here, bahar yeh nikla tha ki tum bohot zyada sharab peete ho aur tum unko bohot zyada gande-gande messages bhej rahe the.”

A shocked Abhinav shared this information with Rubina, saying that not only Kavita but her husband Ronnit Biswas also made these claims. “Woh kitna gir sakte hai, yaar” he remarked.

Rubina vowed to ‘not leave them’ and set things straight as soon as she exited the Bigg Boss house.

Ronnit had tweeted earlier this month about Abhinav, “Well let me put the truth out there.. the not so gentleman we’re talking about has a severe alcohol problem and used to get pissed drunk and message KK through the night wanting to talk and meet up at all odd hours. So much so that she had to call the cops on him more than once.” The tweet has now been deleted.

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