Bigg Boss is known for its unique set of contestants every season who ensure the continuous supply of drama and entertainment inside the house. With that, how can we not talk about the recent entry of Devoleena in BB 14? She has entered as a proxy for Eijaz Khan that has changed the dynamics in the house. Her ongoing feud with Nikki is a testament that she is not here to take nonsense from anyone and always puts her point across fiercely without mincing words.

Guess it’s not just Devoleena who is having a feud with Miss Tamboli as when Vikas asks Nikki to pick her fruit plate from the kitchen, Nikki in return tells him to watch out his tone with her. On the other hand, the never-ending tussle between Nikki and Devoleena continues wherein a sudden snide remark from the former gets the latter agitated leading to a big fight. Not only does Devoleena question Nikki about taking indirect shots at her instead of directly talking to her, but also claims that Nikki is jealous of her bond with Vikas. The two have a major showdown as Vikas joins in and takes Devoleena’s side. Their war of words has no end in sight yet!

In between all the drama, Rakhi finds a technique to make everyone laugh. With Bigg Boss locking the bathroom area, Rakhi Sawant decides to go old school and take an outdoor bath near the swimming pool. While Rahul shampoos her hair, Aly conditions them. The three have a fun banter as Rakhi completes washing her hair!

Will Nikki and Devoleena ever end their spat? How will Vikas’ relationship with Nikki shape up?