Gear up for drama in &TV show.

Drama galore in &TV’s Siddhi Vinayak

A lot of high voltage drama is to be witnessed in the ongoing episodes of &TV’s popular daily Siddhi Vinayak (Studio B&M).

As per the ongoing episodes of the series, Manjari and Siddhi are bonding well.

We hear that, in the upcoming episodes, this drama is going to be continued.

Our source informs us, “In the forthcoming episodes of the series, Manjiri will get a bit of itching because of the bandage on her face. She would tell Siddhi to remove them. Vin (Nitin Goswami) will get scared as he would want to stop Siddhi. He would intervene by saying that the doctor has strictly said to have the bandages on and would get saved.”

Meanwhile, Manjiri will introduce Siddhi to Bijli and Ajit. Siddhi will get a flash of the hospital night with Ajit.

Later, Tauji will enter and everyone will greet him. Siddhi will overhear Tauji asking about the sole witness. Siddhi will get scared that her life could be in danger.

Furthermore, Tauji will have a conversation with Vin, but he will be totally lost somewhere. He would confront Vin being in love, but he would deny.”

What will happen next?

We tried reaching Neha but she remained unavailable for comments.

Keep reading this space for more updates.


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