Gathbandhan the Colors show will see huge drama over a consignment of gold biscuits in which Dhanak and Mai will try to trap Tawde.

Gathbandhan: Dhanak and Mai team up against Tawde

Gathbandhan the popular Colors show produced by Jay Productions will now see Mai (Sonali Naik) and Dhanak (Shruti Sharma) joining hands for the well-being of Raghu (Abrar Qazi).

Their intention will be to trap Tawde (Nitin Goswami) and pack him off Raghu’s life.

Meanwhile, Mai pretends to be with Tawde too in trapping Dhanak. But the reality will be the other way and she will want to get rid of Tawde from her son Raghu’s life.

There will be a huge gold biscuit consignment that will come. Raghu will get to know of Tawde planning to get a good commission by safeguarding this consignment and allowing it to reach it to the right person. So Raghu will decide to loot the gold biscuit boxes in order to put Tawde im trouble.

On the other hand, Mai and Dhanak will call the Commissioner about such a huge consignment coming. The Commissioner will put Tawde incharge of the same consignment which will put Tawde in problem. Tawde will use this as an opportunity to push this case to Dhanak and get her out of her job.

As per a reliable source, “In Gathbandhan, at the spot where the consignment will come, Raghu will also go with the intention of stealing it. Mai will go there to put her plan into action.”

Who will get the boxes containing the gold biscuits? Who will be in trouble at the end of it – Dhanak or Tawde?

We buzzed actors of Gathbandhan, but could not get through for comments.

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