Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Ayaan (Aakash Ahuja) and Faltu (Niharika Chouksey) getting separated after the game played by Ruhaan. Faltu has been living in an Ashram and destiny has brought Ayaan too to the same ashram in Nashik. It happens that Ayaan and Faltu agree to take part in the play on Shiv and Parvati, without knowing about the other being in the play. On stage when they will come face to face, dressed in character, they will be shocked. Ayaan and Faltu will hide their emotions and will be in their respective characters and will speak their dialogues.

The sequence will also see Shiv and Parvati hugging after a confrontation. This will bring Ayaan and Faltu closer. After the play, Faltu will not want to meet Ayaan. However, Ayaan will want to talk to Faltu and clear his misunderstandings. But again, Ayaan will see Faltu with Ruhaan in her room, and will get shocked.

Will Ayaan mistake Faltu again?

Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions, revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a third girl and a stillborn twin son. It is the story of Faltu who aspires to become a cricketer and is helped by Ayaan Mittal in her journey forward. The show stars Aakash Ahuja, Niharika Chouksey as the leads.