Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Ayaan (Aakash Ahuja) getting to know the manner in which Faltu (Niharika Chouksey) tried to deal with the problem that their family faced. As we know, Faltu struck a deal with Ruhaan and accepted to sacrifice her cricketing career and play for Shanaya under a mask. In return for this, Ruhaan allowed the Mittals to stay in their house.

Now, with the whole fiasco exposed, Ayaan is angry that Faltu took such a big decision of leaving her dream and ambition of playing cricket. He is pained by this fact.

The coming episode will see Ayaan’s anger hitting its peak. He will burn all his cricket equipment and will vow that he will never think of the game of cricket and that the connection that the game of cricket had in his life has died. Faltu will be sorrowful of the whole drama.

Amidst all this, Ruhaan will take revenge on the Mittals. He will issue a notice for the Mittals to vacate his house soon. However, Ayaan will stand tall. He will overpower Ruhaan’s notice with his notice wherein he has challenged Kanika’s ownership of the place. This will put both Kanika and Ruhaan in a legal mess.

What will happen next?

Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions, revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a third girl and a stillborn twin son. It is the story of Faltu who aspires to become a cricketer and is helped by Ayaan Mittal in her journey forward. The show stars Aakash Ahuja, Niharika Chouksey as the leads.